Why New Mothers Should Get Confinement Herbs Packaged With A Nanny Agency?

New mothers have a lot on their hands during the first month of parenthood, and booking a nanny agency during the confinement period is usually a welcoming idea. Nannies guide parents with newborns on how to take care of the baby, but they can also do much more than that. For the most part, they take the load off on mums who had just given birth, easing worries by running the house and preparing meals, enabling mothers to concentrate on recuperating after childbirth.

Nannies also understand that the mother’s health is just as important as the baby’s. This is why it’s best to find a nanny who is well-versed with confinement herbs prescribed to new mothers. Confinement herbs help mothers lactate enough for breastfeeding, encourage speedier healing of any surgery scars and help them get back to their healthy, pre-pregnancy shape. With a nanny that knows their way around confinement herbs, new mums will have less to worry about the preparation and efficacy of these herbs.

Some nanny agencies offer confinement herbs as a package deal with their nanny services. With NannySOS, for example, you can package your stay-in or daytime confinement nanny with a personalized confinement herb bundle. NannySOS is a Ministry Of Manpower-licensed confinement nanny agency that specializes in traditional and modern confinement care, from caring for the baby’s needs to preparing confinement meals for the mother. Their partnership with Heng Foh Tong Medical Hall means that you can expect expert nanny care with the best confinement herbs for your postpartum sitting period.

Combining a nanny care agency packaged with a personalized confinement herb bundle has many benefits. Here’s just a few of them:


Sourcing your herbs with the nanny agency helps keep your confinement regimen consistent. With a package deal, you can expect the same standards and quality with your nanny care and the products they are using. You don’t have to worry about taking your soups, herbal baths, tea, and other TCM products on time, or whether you have enough because your nanny will take care of it for you. The confinement package which you get from a traditional medical hall will leverage from their years of herbal experience as well as a reliable and safe source of herbs so you can consume with confidence.

Trained Brewing

Nanny services with confinement herb bundles are also equipped with the knowledge of how to brew the herbs to the right efficacy, to make sure that you get the full benefits in the soups you need to consume and the herbal baths that you take. Aside from the familiarity with the use and preparation of each herb, nannies are trained to prepare them in a way that is faster and more delicious than others.


Getting confinement herbs together with your nanny service also means that you can have your herbs personalized according to what your body needs. With the guidance of an expert TCM hall, your nanny leverages the mastery of Heng Foh Tong when it comes to recommending ingredients, instead of trying to figure out the mixture of individual herbs themselves. We will spent the time to know more about your needs and experience like whether you are preparing for natural or c-section birth, considering lactation enhancement, medical history, acceptance level of herbal taste and many other checkpoints before we embark on curation of the confinement package just for you.

An Easier Time

With properly labeled herbs systematized based on the daily need of the new mother, it’s easier for nannies to brew the right concoction. Whether it’s the confinement soup that helps in lactation or the herbal baths for mum and the baby, nannies have an easier time with prepping the herbs when it comes from a reliable source, so they have more time to attend to your family’s needs.

Expert Advice

But the best thing about bundling your confinement herbs with your nanny agency is the expertise you get from both for your postpartum care. Heng Foh Tong and NannySOS work as a team to get you the best advice you can get as a new mother, drawing on the years of hands-on experience from NannySOS and the heritage-rich command of TCM from Heng Foh Tong.

Established in 2011, NannySOS provides a hassle-free experience for your confinement. Whether it is arranging all the necessary work permits, bringing the nanny to your doorstep, scheduling a post-natal massage at the comfort of your home, and even babysitting services once the confinement period is over, they make sure that you and your family are safe, comfortable and healthy. Heng Foh Tong’s partnership with them complements the attention to detail that we employ in our medical hall.

With more than 60 years of TCM expertise, Heng Foh Tong’s ingredients are meticulously handpicked by the owners themselves, drawn from 3,500 years of knowledge passed down generations. Fresh and personalized, our confinement packages are customized to help you regain your vitality and encourage speedy recovery so you can spend more time with your new family.

In conjunction with the partnership, with any personalized confinement package purchase from Heng Foh Tong, you will receive an SGD100 voucher for NannySOS confinement nanny services! You can WhatsApp us for more details.

Find out more about our personalized confinement packages at hengfohtong.com/shop/products/confinement-packages