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Post-CNY Symptoms and How You Can Relieve Them

The Chinese New Year (CNY) season of indulgence is winding down, and your body is starting to show signs of protest against your recent diet of oily CNY snacks and sugary soft drinks. Do you feel a cold, sore throat or an upset stomach coming on? You could be on your way to experiencing some common post-CNY symptoms. 

Don’t worry, here’s how you can nip the bud with some helpful Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) products for much needed relief.

Sore Throat

Many of our favourite CNY snacks like bak kwa or pineapple tarts are considered as heaty foods in TCM. Too much heaty food can result in heatiness, which manifests itself in symptoms like sore throat, cracked lips or cough with phlegm. 

We recommend: Soothe your sore throat with Heng Foh Tong’s Sore Throat Soup. Made by boiling a herbal concoction of cooling herbs like plum blossom extract, bamboo bee and licorice, this herbal remedy calms inflammation, moistens your throat and expels heat. You’ll have your voice back and your throat back to normal in no time at all!


Alcohol, high-calorie dishes and late nights are a recipe for a weaker immune system. As your body works doubly hard to keep you going and fend off viruses at the same time, it becomes especially vulnerable to viruses, which causes us to come down with a bout of cold or flu.

In TCM terms, cold or flu is caused by external pathogens (bacteria/viruses) attacking the lungs, causing them to lose qi. Cold and flu symptoms are also considered “chilly” symptoms so remedies focus on regaining heat and restoring balance to the body.

We recommend: Nourish your lungs and detoxify your body with Heng Foh Tong’s Respiratory and Strong Detox Soup. With a mix of over 20 herbs that will help to expel “chill” from your body, aid your body in getting rid of pathogens while strengthening your lungs and respiratory system.

Stomach Problems

Got an upset tummy over CNY? In TCM, the spleen and stomach are the main organs responsible for food digestion and absorption. It is said that when you overeat, it causes these two organs to become overworked and less efficient, causing poor appetite and stomachaches. 

As a result, TCM remedies for stomach problems focus on restoring your spleen and stomach to their optimal best. 

We recommend: Heng Foh Tong’s Stomachache herbal remedy is ideal for common stomach problems associated with overeating like diarrhea, vomiting or indigestion. Delivered in an easy-to-consume powder form, all you need to do is take a sachet with warm water for stomach relief.


For more herbal remedies and post-CNY relief, visit Heng Foh Tong for convenient herbal packages designed to help address your symptoms. All our herbs are authentic, carefully handpicked and not bitter for easy consumption. Get herbal remedies delivered to your doorstep quickly and at reasonable prices with Heng Foh Tong.

Post-CNY Symptoms and How You Can Relieve Them