Make It Personal: Custom Confinement Herbs For A Hassle-Free Confinement

For the longest time, preparing a mum-to-be’s confinement herbs involved a lot of time-consuming canvassing and shopping. DIY-ing for your post-pregnancy confinement is heavily reliant on trial and error, especially for new parents who may not have any experience with this TCM tradition. While confinement herb packages have made the process easier, finding one that suits your tastes and needs is still hit-or-miss.

Thankfully, personalised confinement herb packages are now offered at Heng Foh Tong. As a medical hall with a combined 100 years of experience in TCM, we understand that being a new mother is fraught with many new challenges, and having confinement herbs that you personally enjoy makes the transition to becoming a new parent easier. 

Why Personalise?

Motherhood is not a monolithic experience and each mum goes through a different set of challenges after their baby is born. Personalising your confinement herbs is a way to make sure that each of your needs is addressed, and that the taste and preparation are best suited for you.

With our first-in-market personalised confinement herb package, new mums can get off-the-shelf herbs catered to their taste. Whether you’re hiring a confinement nanny or starting your confinement with the help of your relatives, you can leverage on the centuries-old expertise of Heng Foh Tong to guide you through your first month of parenthood with your health and preference in mind. We will spent the time to know more about your needs and experience like whether you are preparing for natural or c-section birth, considering lactation enhancement, medical history, acceptance level of herbal taste and many other checkpoints before we embark on curation of the confinement package just for you. A consultation with our staff or even the owners themselves allows us to handpick the right herbs for you and assists you in how to prepare them for the best efficacy. Personalising your confinement herb packages also means that you can look forward to mealtimes when teas and broths are prepared according to the tastes that you like.

Easy To Order

The baby’s arrival is already a complicated affair, so you need your confinement to be as convenient as possible. This is why we’ve designed our personalised confinement package to be easy to order, regardless of whether you prefer to call it in via Whatsapp or a phone call, or if you want to visit the store to truly experience the herb-choosing.

Thanks to years of TCM knowledge, practice and experience, customising your confinement package is as easy as ordering bubble tea. State your preference if you like your teas strong, medium or mild in flavour or if you like it bitter or sweet. It’s hassle-free and can be delivered three days before your estimated due date, or the day after if you go to labour earlier.

Free Of Charge

But the best part of customisation at Heng Foh Tong is that it comes at no additional cost. Tailoring the confinement package for you is free, and each package is filled with high-quality ingredients that are still within budget. Our confinement herbs are also clearly labeled to make preparations easier, with easy-to-follow instructions on brewing and preparation. 

Want to know more about how it works? Watch the videos to hear what these mums have to say.