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HFTea Ginseng Sport Energy Tonics Drink & Its Benefit

Leading an active lifestyle is wonderful for your overall health and wellness, but being active without replenishing lost energy can make you feel tired and sluggish. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) herbal drinks are well-known for their multitude of health benefits, including boosting energy — but who has time to brew a herbal cup of tea in the middle of a workout?

Introducing HFTea Ginseng Sport Energy Tonic Drink

HFTea combines TCM recipes with the convenience of bottled drinks so you can get the full benefits of herbal teas anytime, anywhere. Researched and developed by PhDs from local institutions, each bottle of HFtea is manufactured at a local, licensed drink facility to ensure high standards of quality and cleanliness. HFteas have a long shelf life and are produced with 100% herbal ingredients with no preservatives or artificial flavouring.

The HFTea Ginseng Sport Energy Tonic is ideal for people with an active lifestyle looking for low sugar, natural and healthy way to boost their energy during or after a workout. The ingredients in our Ginseng Sport Energy Tonic are well-regarded within TCM for fighting fatigue and increasing energy levels throughout the body.

American Ginseng Root

Each bottle of our Ginseng Sport Energy Tonic contains 5.1g of authentic, high-quality American Ginseng Root.

Grown in North America, American Ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) has been used by TCM practitioners for centuries. It is best known for its ability to boost energy levels whilst simultaneously lowering both physical and mental fatigue. Ginseng also lowers blood sugar and reduces inflammation — making it an ideal ingredient for post-workout recovery.

Pink Himalayan Salt

Pink Himalayan Salt contains more minerals and is considered a healthier alternative to regular salt. Consuming Pink Himalayan Salt after a workout can help your body restore minerals like potassium, magnesium and calcium that are lost when we sweat. 

Ophiopogon Japonicus

Also known as Ophiopogon, this is a plant native to East Asia. Ophiopogon Japonicus is a nutrient-dense plant that helps promote healthy cardiovascular activity, soothe airways and reduce inflammation. It is also used by TCM practitioners to treat liver, kidney, and intestinal problems.


Licorice is a herb that is commonly found in parts of Europe and Asia. It is known for helping to boost weight loss, reduce skin inflammation, fight infection and relieve upper respiratory conditions. It is an excellent ingredient for helping your body to fight off potential infections and symptoms whilst it is weakened and recovering from physical activity.

Yellow Rock Sugar

Yellow rock sugar is often used in Chinese desserts as it is a healthier alternative that is less sweet and can even aid in improving digestion. Our Ginseng Sport Energy Tonic drink contains less than 5% yellow rock sugar, just enough to give it a slightly sweet taste without drastically increasing your sugar intake. 

svg%3EA TCM Practitioner’s Opinion on HFTea Ginseng Sport Energy Drink

To see if the herbal benefits of our HFTea Ginseng Sport Energy Drink stood up to the brewed version, we gave a bottle to Edward Ho, a TCM practitioner, to try, and this is what he had to say.

“I’ve always been a tea drinker. I prefer herbal teas to soft drinks because I get to explore different varieties, and I prefer to avoid beverages that are high in sugar like soft drinks. I’ve tried the HFTea Ginseng Sport Energy Drink and I like its taste. 

When I heard about the combination of ingredients in the Ginseng Sport Energy Drink, I gladly agreed to put my support behind the positive benefits they can bring. They are well-regarded ingredients within TCM for replenishing our energy and hydration levels. The ingredients also work to promote effective nutrient absorption in the spleen and stomach whilst removing heat from the body to aid in quicker recovery.”

Edward Ho Sze Leung, a Singapore Ministry Of Health (MOH) registered TCM practitioner shares his professional advice with us. Since 2014, he has been volunteering at Chung Hwa Medical Institution and nominated exceptional physician 2019.

Drink HFTea Anytime, Anywhere

It’s always been difficult to drink tea when you’re outdoors or in the middle of physical activity. Not only does it take a while to prepare hot water and wait for the herbs to steep, but teas also brewed this way can only be stored for a short amount of time before they go bad. 

Heng Fong Toh aims to address these problems by offering HFTea – a range of Tonic Teas with TCM benefits and the convenience of modern bottled drinks. This includes our HFTea Ginseng Sport Energy Tonics Drink! 

Unlike regular tea which has a short lifespan of 5 to 7 days (even when refrigerated), our HFTea can be stored for up to 12 months at ambient room temperature. You can feel confident about bringing HFTea anywhere since our bottles have a sleek design that fits any occasion. Enjoy your herbal tea hot, cold, or however you like!

Combining Quality Tea with Modern Food Technology

Now, people of all ages can enjoy quality brewed tea that even grandmothers would approve of anytime and anywhere. Drink HFTea Ginseng Sport Energy Tonics Drink for a much-needed energy boost during or after a tough workout — and check out our other herbal teas from the HFtea range!

HFTea Ginseng Sport Energy Tonics Drink & Its Benefit