Experience the Beauty of Flowers with HFTea’s Convenient Floral Tea Bags

In a world where wellness and self-care are becoming increasingly essential, the appeal of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is on the rise. For health-conscious individuals, exploring the healing powers of TCM can be a fascinating and rewarding journey. If you’re a tea enthusiast, one of the most exciting aspects of TCM is the art of floral teas. These beverages are not only healthy and beneficial for your body, they can be a great way to experience delicate natural flavours.

A Journey into the World of Floral Teas

Throughout the annals of TCM, floral teas have held a special place for their therapeutic benefits and soothing properties. Floral teas are concocted with herbs and flowers specifically chosen for their unique benefits. Crafting floral teas is an art in itself, each herb, flower and their specific amounts must be carefully curated — drawing on the expertise of the TCM master to create blends that harmonise body and mind.

If you’re interested in exploring the beautiful aromas and nourishing benefits of herbal flowers, Heng Foh Tong’s (HFT) new floral tea product line offers TCM floral tea herbs in tea bag form, combining age-old wisdom with modern convenience.

HFTea Floral Tea Bag Collection

Discover the Enchanting Sleeping Beauty Tea

Let the serenity of the Sleeping Beauty Tea envelop you as you take a sip of this enchanting elixir. Our Sleeping Beauty Tea is a unique blend featuring triple rose petals and buds sourced from France, Phnom Penh, and China. With this tea, stopping to smell the roses is a must, not an option.

Complimenting the roses is a symphony of flora aromas with passion flower, chamomile and lavender. As the name implies, Sleeping Beauty Tea soothes the senses, promoting restful sleep and easing anxiety and stress. It offers a gentle sedative effect without side effects. The inclusion of Goji Berry and Stevia adds a touch of natural sweetness, enhancing the overall experience.

Envelop yourself in the restorative symphony of beauty and serenity with HFTea’s Sleeping Beauty Tea. From the resplendent notes of triple rose ingredients to the calming whispers of passion flower and chamomile, every element of this enchanting brew harmonises to create a divine experience. Let Sleeping Beauty Tea be your companion as you embark on a serene journey to a world of restorative slumber.

Experience the Transformative Timeless Beauty Tea

Our Timeless Beauty Tea is a divine infusion of hand-picked peach blossoms, myosolis sylvalica (Forget Me Not), chrysanthemum, rose buds, mint and the star ingredient — pearl powder.

Each Timeless Beauty Tea Bag contains 350mg of real pearl, a revered ingredient in TCM known for stimulating collagen production, cellular repair and hydration. Great for promoting healthy, hydrated skin that glows from the inside.

The blend gets its unique scent from peach blossoms, which serves as a way to awaken the senses and build your anticipation for the first sip. Peach blossoms are often described to have a mild, sweet and delicate aroma reminiscent of honey and almond.

The other ingredients are no slouches either. The flower combination of myosolis sylvalica, chrysanthemum and rose buds are all natural antioxidant boosters, protecting the skin from pollutants and outside elements. Mint and stevia finish off the tea’s refreshing taste, adding a subtle fresh sweetness as a treat for your senses. Finally, the ingredients in Timeless Beauty Tea also aid in skin regeneration, regulating sebum and cell turnover, promoting radiant skin.

Achieve Balance and Vitality with Slimming Beauty Tea

A medley of nature’s finest slimming herbs and flora awaits you with Heng Foh Tong’s Slimming Beauty Tea. Each is chosen for its unique contribution to the tea’s delightful taste and well-rounded benefits, savour the tastes of snow chrysanthemum, roselle, fenugreek, hawthorn and more as this tea elevates your emotional mood and boosts antioxidants to defend against cell damage.

While serenity envelops your senses, the slimming herbs in this delightful tea work in harmony to support your wellness goals. The presence of fenugreek and cinnamon offers natural metabolism-boosting properties, promoting a healthier, more balanced body. Moreover, fenugreek is an excellent supplementation for lactation, ideal for supporting mothers on their motherhood journey.

Beyond its slimming effects, Slimming Beauty Tea also offers a wealth of emotional benefits to elevate your spirits and help you find inner tranquillity. Snow chrysanthemum, known for its calming properties, offers a soothing effect that washes over you with every sip, while the invigorating roselle adds a burst of tangy flavour that tantalizes the taste buds. Whether it’s to unwind after a hectic day or to find solace amidst life’s challenges, this tea is your companion in restoring emotional equilibrium.

Slimming Beauty Tea is a testament to the holistic nature of Traditional Chinese Medicine, as it blends physical well-being with emotional nourishment. The combination of liquorice and folium sennae gently nurtures your digestive system, aiding in natural detoxification. As your body finds balance, your mind follows suit, embracing a harmonious state that radiates from within.

The HFTea Difference: Embracing Premium Quality and TCM Heritage

TCM has long revered floral teas for their therapeutic benefits and calming properties, but the time-consuming brewing process can be a challenge in our fast-paced modern lifestyle. HFT’s floral tea bags preserve the potency and flavors of each herb and flower, while making it effortless for you to savor the goodness of TCM floral teas anytime, anywhere.

Each blend in our collection has been carefully curated by our TCM shop owners, leveraging TCM knowledge that dates back to 1957. We selectively pick only the highest-quality TCM ingredients for our blends, using our extensive experience and years of connections to source the best.

The HFTea Floral Tea Collection is where heritage, quality and exquisite taste converge. Preparation is easy. Simply steep a teabag in a teapot of boiling water for 5 to 10 minutes. With a NutriGrade rating of A or B with zero sugar across the entire collection, each bag is meticulously crafted to deliver not just a healthy beverage, but also a journey of wellness.

As the sun sets and the world quiets down, steep a HFTea floral tea bag in your teapot, and as you take that first sip, you’ll know — it’s not just tea, it’s a masterpiece of tradition and well-being that nourishes your body and soothes your soul.